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Make life affirming

through dance
and movement

 Expand your boundaries and work towards realisation of your full potential through affordable and accessible dance workshops and movement therapy groups.

About Get Free

Devised and delivered by group facilitator and dance/movement psychotherapist Lottie Ball in Bristol, UK. Her approach to working with movement incorporates Stoic philosophy, Transpersonal-Humanistic psychotherapy and pop culture to utilise the power of dance as a vehicle for positive change.

The aim of the work is to encourage participants to build confidence in expressing themselves freely and to provide opportunities to connect with others in safe, non-judgemental spaces, creating new pathways for compassionate, authentic communication and personal growth.

Whether in a community, corporate or care setting, Get Free explores the boundaries we face towards embracing our full potential and helps develop our capacity for living life at its fullest.

‘When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be’ 

Lao Tzu


Lottie achieved her Masters in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy from Dance Voice (Bristol/Canterbury Christchurch) in 2012. Her background includes training at Broadway Dance Centre and Tanz Motions (New York/Berlin), Yoga TT (Siddhi Yoga/Swami Yogaratna Saraswati) and vocal tuition (Access To Music). She offers intuitive, enthusiastic leadership and a flexible attitude towards healing that draws from her expansive experience.  

Get Free is inspired by the desire to create unifying spaces for movement that celebrate life and foster community, building resilient groups that transcend barriers and encourage expressive freedom.

A registered practitioner with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists (ADMP UK), Lottie attends regular supervision, possesses enhanced DBS clearance, professional indemnity insurance and works in accordance with ethical guidelines as specified here. She is currently working towards private practise and registration with UKCP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. She is always happy to share her enthusiasm and, more importantly, to help you find yours.


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Sometimes we need reminding that we’re all in this together.

GetFree community workshops offer an experience of joyful connection to the people around you. No experience necessary, the emphasis here is on fun and judgement free participation.


  • Experienced, enthusiastic, supportive facilitation
  • Exercises to feel connected and grounded in the body
  • Exercises to feel connected and comfortable with the group
  • Easy, fun choreography
  • To leave refreshed, revived and whole again


Ideal for festivals, well being events, community groups, parties or any other gathering of souls!



Corporate Bookings

A unique bonding experience that enhances feelings of wellbeing and positivity within any organisation or team.

Incorporating techniques to release tension and get the body moving, along with simple, upbeat choreography that is guaranteed to bring out the best in everyone, GetFree is about celebrating life however we can, wherever we are.

  • Adaptability for large or small groups
  • Designed to accommodate absolutely all abilities
  • Can be facilitated within the workplace
  • Exercises for maintaining energy at your desk
  • Playful group dances to inspire laughter and joy


For schools

GetFree workshops for schools are based on an ethos of positivity and celebration that supports each individual in maximising their full potential.

Lottie offers short or long term creative dance projects that can be contained within 1 session or delivered over time according to the needs of the group. These projects work with age appropriate themes to:

  • Increase confidence
  • Expand movement repertoire
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Develop non-judgemental, empathic communication
  • Provide a safe space for creative expression
  • Create positive experiences of dance/movement 

By establishing foundations that encourage participation without an emphasis on ‘right or wrong’, Get Free offers truly unique experiences of dance/movement that challenge the norm and promote inclusion, acceptance and accessibility.

Workshops are offered on a 1hr, 1.5hr or 3hr basis. Fees are based on group size and requested time span.

Please enquire for a quote.


Lottie facilitates dance/movement psychotherapy (DMP) as an outreach service available by request, offering weekly sessions that can be adapted to a variety of settings. She offers both short and long-term therapy programs and has experience working with a spectrum of needs from mixed pathology mental health groups and learning disabilities to hospice and dementia care. Previous clients include Keystones Mental Health Support Services, Camphill Community, Vinney Green Secure Services and St Peters Hospice.

Her practise is driven by an integrated Transpersonal-Humanistic approach. This means that the therapy is geared towards self-empowerment, with a focus on unleashing the spirit, or life force, of the individual, and tapping into the potential of transcendental experience. As standard, all therapy sessions follow a strict code of ethics as specified by ADMP UK, in addition Lottie attends regular clinical supervision with a senior DMP who oversees and advises her work.

What is Dance/Movement Psychotherapy?

DMP is a branch of the creative arts therapies (also including music, art and drama) that applies psychological and developmental theory to movement, utilising interconnectivity of body and mind. The aim is to enable the client to identify, process and break free from unwanted patterns of behaviour. It can also be used to support the person or group through any enduring challenges they may be facing.

In contrast to the instructive tone of a dance class, in this space the clients and therapist are on a collaborative journey. DMP does not require, or seek, proficiency in dance; rather, the movement is a vehicle of exploration, a means of giving voice to that which cannot be expressed in words, or is not yet understood by the conscious mind. As the client discovers new ways of being in, and thinking about, the body, they can begin to access new possibilities for acceptance and growth, discovering tolerance and calm in place of fear and resistance.

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy has great scope for assisting with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Learning disabilities
  • Disruptive behavioural patterns
  • Feelings of disconnection and alienation
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Feelings of shame or inadequacy
  • Inability to gain agency (control)
  • Trauma
  • Displacement
  • Grief

To talk further about providing DMP within your organisation or to arrange a trial, you can contact Lottie here.


You can reach me by telephone on (+44) 7947826420, by email at getfreedancetherapy@gmail.com, or with the contact form below.