Get Free corporate workshops offer a unique bonding experience that enhances feelings of wellbeing and positivity within any organisation or team.
These sessions are designed to help break down barriers and create an atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance that encourages participants to let go of their fears and move together with ease.
Incorporating techniques to release tension and get the body moving along with simple, upbeat choreography that is guaranteed to bring out the best in everyone, Get Free is about celebrating life however we can, wherever we are.

• Adaptability for large or small groups
• Designed to accommodate absolutely all abilities
• Can be facilitated within the workplace
• Exercises for maintaining energy at your desk
• Playful group dances to inspire laughter and joy

Workshops are offered on a 1hr, 1.5hr or 3hr basis. Fees are based on group size and requested time span.
Please enquire for a quote.